Social Media Helps Companies Find Their Funny Bone



With the exception of a few short-lived jobs, I spent my professional career in corporate America. While ultimately a stable, fair place to work, corporations have never been known for their sense of humor.

Social media is helping to change all of that.

From Bodyform’s hilarious video response to a Facebook post to the Taco Bell tweet shown above, big companies are finding their funny bone. Social media has done what decades of calculated advertising and marketing couldn’t: hilarious, public, one-on-one contact with customers.

Oh sure, companies can be funny, such as MethodAxe, and Old Spice. But these are reflections of a brand, not spontaneous interactions with customers.

I say bring it’s about time we see their sassy side. It’s engaging and instantly humanizes an entire business. Plus, we all need a good laugh every now and again.

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