Why Visual Content is Kicking Traditional Content’s Ass


You just have to look at Pinterest’s success metrics to know that visual content has transitioned into a critical marketing strategy tool. The photo-sharing website delivers four times more revenue than Twitter and 27% more revenue per click than Facebook.

Why do pictures work when words don’t? The reason is surprisingly basic: humans are visual by nature. A whooping 83% of what we learn is done visually, and we only remember 20% of what we read. So the more words you throw in front of your audience, the more they’ll tune out. Pictures, infographics, or video, however, will engage them in a deeply powerful and personal way.

Through visual content, you can convey complex information in an easily digestible format, immediately providing your audience with a memorable message. Rather than using lots of words to tell the story of your product, service, or company, you’re forced to boil it down to its most compelling and valuable essence. And, let’s face it, that abbreviated story is what you should have been using all along.

While this makes the wordie in me just a little sad, I love how the web is become a little less grey from all that content.

And, blessedly, visual content takes just as much effort to produce as traditional white papers. It’s flexible and can be used to market just about anything, from cats to physics. It still involves content to a degree, but it’s like poetry in that you have to find just the right words to use.

The tricky part for businesses is to find the right poet and the right artist to bring your abbreviated story to life.

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