Key to Effective Workplaces is Focus, NOT Collaboration


I’ve written a lot about workplace collaboration and showed many offices that put collaboration at the forefront of their goals. While I don’t think designing for collaboration is inherently a bad thing, it seems that it isn’t always wonderful.

According to an interesting whitepaper by Gensler, the most significant factor in workplace effectiveness is not collaboration, but rather individual focus work. It also happens to be that focus is measured as the least supported workplace activity.

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Content Marketing Isn’t Really About Content At All

by Quinn Whissen

Let me be clear up front: content marketing is about content regardless of this article’s headline. You can’t take the ‘content’ out of ‘content marketing’ and expect it to stay the same. Content is what makes everything go round.

Okay – now that we got that out the way, let me be clearer: content marketing isn’t all about content.

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Content creators leave social networks when messaging gets too easy


It’s not much harder or more expensive to send a tweet or a Facebook post to hundreds or even thousands of people than to just a handful. So you’d think that the ease of communicating with lots of people via social networks would result in more and more people sharing their thoughts, political views, and cat videos.

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ROI Is Dead. A New Metric Is Needed for Customer Relationships


The concept of return on investment came to prominence in the mid-20th century when marketers entered the age of mass media and large campaigns, and they began demanding to know the impact their ads were having on awareness and sales.

We are well into the second decade of the 21st century, and I would suggest that the era of ROI has come and gone, primarily because of the digital revolution that launched some 15 years ago. Through digital channels, we have powerful tools that can create highly personalized and emotive relationships between a brand and a consumer.

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6 Tips to Launching a Global Content Strategy


Imagine you’re the lead content marketer at a global brand, and you just knocked your first campaign out of the park. Results have exceeded expectations, and you’re now tasked with developing a larger global content strategy that calls for content in English, German, and Portuguese. There’s a tight deadline and a lot of cooks in the kitchen, all with their own cultural differences and communication challenges. Oh, and you need to have the Portuguese and German articles transcreated into English for a US audience.

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Why Underpaying Writers Can Kill Your Content Marketing

by Debra Donston-Miller

As brands rush to publish blog posts, videos, white papers, news articles, feature stories, and other types of content to build relationships with consumers, they’re often outsourcing the actual creation of content. What they are finding is that they can choose to pay either a lot or a little for content, but going the latter route often costs far more in the end.

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