Content Strategy vs. Content Marketing: How to Get Buy-in From Decision Makers

by Michael Riley

Many people mistakenly use the phrases Content Strategy and Content Marketing interchangeably. These two areas of business are actually separate, and require different skills and practices. It’s crucial to understand the differences between the two, and how when combined together they will each drive business growth.

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Young-at-Hearts Make the Most Innovative Professionals

Ageism has become an interesting topic of conversations in our workplace. Especially in Silicon Valley. But while some tech executives would have you think that older workers are uninspired, a recent studyled by Florian Kunze argues otherwise. He says companies shouldn’t seek out just the young to work for their businesses, but also the young at heart. BPS reports on an interesting new study where researchers surveyed over 15,000 employees from 107 companies to see how their subjective ages influenced performance in the workplace.

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How Do Content Strategies For B2B And B2C Businesses Differ?

By Jayson DeMers

Successful marketing strategies for B2B and B2C markets are very different. A strategic content marketing campaign is an essential part of modern marketing efforts – inbound and outbound – and the content you publish matters more now than ever before. But depending on the context – B2B or B2C – you’ll have to change the approach of your content strategy to maximize returns.

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