Content Strategy vs. Content Marketing: How to Get Buy-in From Decision Makers

by Michael Riley

Many people mistakenly use the phrases Content Strategy and Content Marketing interchangeably. These two areas of business are actually separate, and require different skills and practices. It’s crucial to understand the differences between the two, and how when combined together they will each drive business growth.

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ROI Is Dead. A New Metric Is Needed for Customer Relationships


The concept of return on investment came to prominence in the mid-20th century when marketers entered the age of mass media and large campaigns, and they began demanding to know the impact their ads were having on awareness and sales.

We are well into the second decade of the 21st century, and I would suggest that the era of ROI has come and gone, primarily because of the digital revolution that launched some 15 years ago. Through digital channels, we have powerful tools that can create highly personalized and emotive relationships between a brand and a consumer.

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How a Ghostwriter Can Breathe Life Into Your Startup’s Content Strategy


Starting a business from the ground up involves a huge time commitment. Startups face a tough marketing environment, since most need to have a large impact with a small budget.

It’s admirable to want to take the helm and work around the clock with your dedicated team of supporters. This, however, is an unsustainable model. With the heavy emphasis on online content and social media interaction to boost online visibility, it can be difficult to manage your time effectively.

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5 Ways to Reboot Your Content Strategy in 2015


2015 is a new year, which means content marketers have the opportunity to start fresh with their content strategies. In fact, 50% of marketers say they have a content strategy but it is not documented, and as we create more content this year (69% are doing so), there’s no better time to refresh our strategies.

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Myth #27: UX design is about usability


Designing for the user experience has a lot more to it than making a product usable. Usability allows people to easily accomplish their goals. UX design covers more than that, it’s about giving people a delightful and meaningful experience.

A good design is pleasurable, thoughtfully crafted, makes you happy, and gets youimmersed. Think of games, they usually have these characteristics. Or think of the iPhone that makes even failures “more enjoyable than succeeding on a Blackberry”.

Good design is pleasurable and seductive.

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